Thursday, January 16, 2014

Green Gables

Thousands of tourists visit Prince Edward Island every year because they want to see Green Gables. Before one can see the house, there are 2 large signs that make all Anne's fans smile. When you see them, you know your dream is about to come true. Truly amazing!


You anxiously continue driving (and smiling at the same time of course!) and soon you get the first view of the house. :)

You park your car and get the tickets (in 2013 they were 7.80 CAD for an adult, 3.90 CAD for a child in high season). Chances are you tell the clerk that your dream is about to come true (I wonder how many stories like that they hear every single day :) ). You get a little Green Gables sticker that you put on your shirt and you can finally go and explore... Today I am posting the photos showing Green Gables from the outside (photos taken in 2006, 2012 and 2013). Enjoy!

Green Gables from the North:

Green Gables from the West:

Green Gables from the South:

 Green Gables from the East (front view):

The Barn and the garden:

And the famous gables (which were not green when LM Montgomery visited this farmhouse during her Cavendish years):

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