Monday, February 10, 2014

Anne dolls and collecting

Anne's fans will undoubtedly find a lot of interesting souvenirs on the Island. I personally do not like shopping but each time I visited I would buy a book, try the famous Raspberry Cordial and buy a few gifts for other, less fortunate fans, who were not able to go on the trip themselves. Last year I finally decided to get a few souvenirs for myself. The replicas of the china dogs Gog and Magog and a limited edition porcelain doll were my choices among some other smaller items.

Anne dolls seem to be very popular and there is usually a large selection of them being offered at every location associated with Anne.
I had seen quite a few of them before, however they had not been on my wish list then. Last August I finally caved in and got my very first porcelain doll on the Island.:) The limited edition and the unique beauty of the doll made me reconsider. While I certainly would not call myself a collector of Anne dolls, there are some serious fans out there who do have impressive collections.
Last weekend I came across one of the most exquisite Anne dolls ever made. There are only 125 of them in the World, each is numbered and comes with a certificate. She comes with a straw hat, wooden schoolbooks and a carpetbag. Anne of Green Gables created by Xenis Dolls might turn even me into a collector. :) This extremely beautiful doll is carved from solid wood with 13 moveable joints, has a hand painted face and mohair wig and comes with a Swiss Music Box.  Xenis is the only company ever given rights to produce this melody from the PEI musical production by the composers Don Heron & Norman Campbell. The doll has made my Wish List and this is what this genuine beauty looks like...

Photos curtesy of
Like everything unique and very limited, it has a price tag only a few could afford. But if you are one of the few, do not hesitate. It is a real treasure. Xenis Dolls will kindly give a $40 discount to the Readers of this blog, so make sure you mention "Destination Green Gables" while ordering. The dolls can be ordered here: