Sunday, January 26, 2014

Avonlea Village

Avonlea is a fictional name but there is a tourist attraction called "Avonlea Village" in Cavendish. It is a great place for children, with a full schedule of fun events throughout the day. The adult fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery will not be disappointed either! They will have a chance to visit a one-room schoolhouse which is the Belmont school LM Montgomery taught in. The church found in Avonlea Village is the original Long River Presbyterian Church Lucy Maud attended with her Montgomery and Campbell cousins from Park Corner. In one of the buildings there are LM Montgomery's photographs on display (the writer was an amateur photographer) whilst another serves as a dressing room where everybody interested in trying some Montgomery era wardrobe has a chance to do that. Avonlea General Store carries a lot of items Anne's fans will love (i.e. the non-alcoholic raspberry cordial and hats with red braids that can transform anybody into Anne) while the Artisans store has a lot of art and craft items including school slates which broken on a boy's head guarantee getting married to that boy in the future 😊.

The school

The church

Avonlea General Store

Other buildings and attractions

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