Thursday, January 16, 2014

Green Gables Continued

After checking the house from every possible side (just to make sure that it truly exists :) ), it is time to enter. It should be noted that the house we are about to enter did not look this way during L.M. Montgomery's visits. The gables were not green for instance and the rooms were differently furnished and decorated. The wallpaper and the carpet are not original either. I was told that the only original fixtures were some shelving units downstairs. Whereas it is not exactly what Lucy Maud Montgomery saw, it is very much what she imagined Green Gables should look like. Parks Canada, the current owner of the place, did a really good job at making Green Gables match what was described in "Anne of Green Gables". The furniture and other artifacts were donated by local families who still owned household items as well as large pieces of furniture that went back to the end of the 19th century. The carpet and wallpaper were custom made using patterns from catalogues from the era. When I asked why "green" gables when the original farmhouse did not have them, I was told that maybe Maud (this is how the Author of "Anne" books is referred to on the Island) saw at some point some green vines getting very high and almost reaching the roof and thought that the house would look better with green gables. I have not done any research regarding this, I am just passing some information I got at Green Gables.

When I went to Prince Edward Island in August of 2013 I was writing a blog for my Polish friends, who love Anne as much as I do. I came up with the idea of a blog right before I left and I think writing about the trip made it very special. Since it was my 3rd time there I may have chosen to skip some places, but because I wanted to show as much as possible to my friends, I did an extra thorough job at taking photographs and I did my best to convey the atmosphere of Green Gables. Since this house is the reason for so many people to make the trip to the Island, I made sure I took photos of every room in it. So sit back and enjoy Green Gables. :)

Anne's bedroom:

The following photo is one of my favourites. In 2012 my 4.5 year old daughter took a similar photo with her camera. When we downloaded her photos I was amazed how nicely it turned out. This time I tried to capture a similar view of Anne's bed and I feel there is so much intimacy in the photo. All we need is Anne to show up and start putting her stockings on. :) So this photo was inspired by my daughter - Nadia Anne with an "e". :) :)

Other upstairs rooms:

It was a true challenge to take these photos. I had visited Green Gables twice in early September when there were not many tourists there. Saturday afternoon in August was a completely different story :) It was extremely crowded. To give you an idea what you can expect at Green Gables in July and August, here is a photo I casually took. :)

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